Resources for Supplement Merchants

These educational resources for supplement merchants are intended to help improve understanding around problematic products, ingredients, and marketing claims that can lead to advertising and e-commerce disruptions.

Dietary Supplements FAQ

The marketing of dietary supplements is an important, but often complex, topic involving strict guidelines — particularly when it comes to what claims supplement merchants can and cannot make. Improve your understanding of supplements and the claims that can violate policies. LegitScript experts provide answers to the most common questions people have about dietary supplements.

Yellow Flag Claims

Has a product you are marketing or selling received a “Yellow Flag” designation? Learn more about Yellow Flag designations and examples of common problematic claims.

The Dos and Don’ts of Internet Supplement Ads Guide

Disruptions to your supplement marketing program can be costly. The last thing any merchant wants is for an advertising campaign to be paused or suspended. This guide for supplement merchants and marketers is intended to provide tips and examples to help shed light on common compliance issues — an awareness of which can help minimize marketing disruptions.