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Confidently verify the legitimacy of healthcare products, ingredients, and websites.

Dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products are under constant scrutiny by government regulators. How do you know if the merchants you are about to onboard — or others already in your portfolio — aren’t selling illegal products or ingredients, or involved in illicit online activity?

With LegitScript’s Database Lookups you can check the status of these products and the legitimacy of rogue and certified merchant websites. Armed with this data, you can confidently verify which merchants are operating in compliance — including those who are LegitScript-certified — and which are not.

Why Choose LegitScript

Access Product Data Like No Other

Confidently check the legitimacy of products to help determine whether healthcare and supplement merchants are operating in compliance. LegitScript’s product database contains about 150,000 dietary supplements, designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products. LegitScript collects information from regulatory agencies worldwide and proactively identifies new products on a daily basis. This gives you the most accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Confidently Verify Merchant Websites

In addition to monitoring more than 2.3 million websites, LegitScript has a database of published websites that either pose a danger to public health or are operating in compliance. LegitScript’s database of published websites helps you identify rogue online pharmacies as well as LegitScript-certified pharmaceutical, CBD, and addiction treatment websites. LegitScript is officially recognized by Visa for providing certification for card-not-present pharmacy merchants and telemedicine providers.

Get International Coverage

If your merchants are selling in different countries, you need data that gives you global insight. LegitScript’s database is international, covering regulatory information from more than 60 countries and 115 government agencies. Product classifications can be global or country-specific so you know what products are permissible and where.

Self-Serve at Your Convenience

Each month, you get access to 500 product lookups and 500 website lookups. With these allowances you can simply check supplements and other healthcare products and websites on your own terms.

Work with Trusted Data

Throughout the years, the quality and consistency of our data has earned the trust of industry-leading companies around the world. LegitScript is recognized by Visa and Mastercard, and trusted by companies including Google, Bing, and Amazon to keep their platforms clean.

How It Works

Simply create a user account at and request access to Database Lookups. A representative will be in touch with pricing and access information.

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