Product Data Sets

Verify the legitimacy of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products with convenient access to LegitScript’s full product data set.

In a world where regulators carefully scrutinize dietary supplements, designer drugs, and pharmaceuticals, it’s hard to know which products are considered illegal by the FDA, FTC, and their foreign counterparts.

Covering 60 countries and 115 jurisdictions, LegitScript maintains the world’s largest, most continuously updated data set of problematic supplements, designer drugs, and unapproved medicines. With LegitScript's Product Data Sets you get full access — and ongoing updates — to LegitScript’s entire data set of problematic products and ingredients.

Why Choose LegitScript

Reduce Regulatory Risk

The DEA, FDA, and other regulators publish warnings about certain products because they don't want to see them marketed or sold. LegitScript's Product Data Sets help you demonstrate your legal compliance to regulators around the world.

Stay Ahead of Reputational Risk

From time to time, media outlets investigate the sale of opioids, designer drugs, and other dangerous products online. With LegitScript's Product Data Sets you can proactively identify and remove these products, thereby staying a step ahead of media stories that could negatively impact your reputation.

Keep Your Visitors Safe

Protect your visitors from illicit healthcare products and sellers making unsubstantiated claims so that people feel safe using your platform and trust the content they view.

with Confidence

Access to LegitScript’s full product data set means you can self- monitor your platform on your own terms, while having the ability to remove problematic content with confidence. You receive twice monthly updates, so you always have the most up-to-date information to work from.

Work with Trusted Data

LegitScript data is trusted by the world’s largest internet and 
 e-commerce platforms around the world, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

How It Works

LegitScript’s entire data set of problematic products is available only to a limited number of private enterprise companies — primarily internet advertising and e-commerce platforms as well as government agencies.
For internet advertising and e-commerce platforms, Product Data Sets are delivered as part of a complete monitoring solution, with some exceptions.
For government agencies and regulators, learn more about Global Supplement and Drug Data Sets.

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