Why Transparent Labeling Is Important in CBD Manufacturing

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LegitScript vets CBD manufacturers' products for accurate and transparent labeling in line with regulatory bodies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read further to understand what LegitScript’s CBD Certification does to protect consumers.


LegitScript’s CBD Certification Ensures Consumers Receive Carefully Vetted Products

In any industry where a product is manufactured consumers expect product quality, transparency, and safety. LegitScript’s CBD Certification ensures the safety and efficacy of products that contain hemp-derived compounds by vetting CBD product manufacturers before they advertise online.

Imagine purchasing a bottle of wine at your local grocery store. You casually glance at the label, which indicates a 12% Alcohol By Volume (ABV), and you add it to your cart. Later, after finishing a glass, you feel sick and don't know why. Would it occur to you that your wine had triple the percentage of ABV than what was listed on the label? Probably not, and you’d likely be upset if it did.


LegitScript CBD Certification Provides Consumers With Confidence That Their CBD Products Are Labeled With the Correct Potency

It is typical for there to sometimes be a small variance between the potency listed on the label, and the potency detected in laboratory cannabinoid analyses. Variations from the product's labeling and/or marketing are taken very seriously, and minor discrepancies are evaluated and/or addressed at LegitScript’s discretion.

Table that depicts different variations in CBD potency.
LegitScript analyzes each CBD product for variations between what’s written on the label and what was found in the product after lab testing.

LegitScript’s Certification Team Ensures CBD Products Are Manufactured With Consistency

Accurate, compliant, and consistent labeling is a critical component of success in LegitScript’s process. For example, when a product is sold in various sizes and is submitted for review, all sizes of that product are reviewed and tested for accuracy. It is important to note that some CBD products may state the “minimum amount” of CBD contained within, but this is not compliant with LegitScript CBD Certification standards. In order to be eligible for certification, each product submitted, in every size it is sold, must contain the advertised amount of CBD, not just a minimum threshold.


LegitScript’s CBD Certification Vets CBD Product Manufacturers To Keep Internet and Payment Ecosystems Safe

Sellers or merchants who obtain LegitScript’s CBD Certification are ensuring their products are compliant with industry-wide standards. Certification is a seal of approval that enables merchants to showcase their compliance. It allows them to unlock the opportunity to advertise on major search engines and accept digital payments on global platforms used by millions of consumers.

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