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Q&A with Evan Ratliff, Author of The Mastermind

In 2012, LegitScript estimated that at least half of the rogue online pharmacies in the world were registered through ABSystems, a registrar operated by criminal mastermind Paul Le Roux. This massive network of online pharmacies, which fell under the umbrella of an operation called RX Limited, facilitated the sale of prescription drugs to US customers…

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Verify Healthcare Products, Ingredients, and Websites with LegitScript’s New Data Services

LegitScript is now making available the world’s largest, most comprehensive database of dietary supplements, designer drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products and websites. This data — which is already trusted by Google, Bing, Amazon, and Facebook — can help supplement merchants, acquirers, and internet platforms confidently build their businesses while reducing risk and staying in…

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LegitScript Enforcement Efforts: 14,000 Domain Names Shuttered in 2016 (So Far!)

LegitScript tracks trends in the illicit internet pharmacy market on a daily basis, and this includes monitoring the thousands upon thousands of domain names that are used to sell drugs illegally. Considering the mercurial nature of the internet and the frequency of rogue internet pharmacy operators switching criminal network affiliations, abandoning domain names, and transferring…

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LegitScript’s State of the Internet Rx Market Illuminates Challenges, Opportunities

LegitScript’s mission is to leave the Internet better than we found it, by helping make it safer, more transparent, and more independent. Much of what we do is in the online healthcare space, where we try to make the Internet pharmacy and health product markets safer and more transparent both for individuals and for businesses.…

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Baidu, add checks of Internet pharmacies and drug authenticity to their search platforms

Two Chinese search engines, market leader Baidu and state-run, have recently taken steps to help Internet users identify counterfeit drugs and fraudulent online pharmacies. announced in late February that it created a platform,, that allows Chinese citizens to lodge complaints about inferior pharmaceutical products and services. Baidu followed that news by saying…

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Internet pharmacy sales land nine people in prison

Nine people were sentenced last month for their roles in illegally distributing controlled substances via Internet pharmacies. Collectively, the defendants forfeited $94 million from the sales of medications including diet pills like phentermine and anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax and Valium. The convictions were the result of an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration. “Prescription…

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