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Has LegitScript certification helped build trust with your clients? Have you increased your revenue? Is your business growing because you've been able to place online ads or secure payment processing? Then you should become a LegitScript Featured Business!

We're looking for partners who have had a great experience with LegitScript certification and would be willing to share their experiences. These customer success stories are posted on our website and across our social media and other channels, offering your business extra exposure, including a link to your certified website within the testimonial. Simply fill out the form below. Our team will choose the best fits from among the applicants and then be in touch with those partners to get their stories and other important information. Thank you!

Read About Other Businesses and How They Have Benefitted From LegitScript Certification
Nancy Belknap
Clinical Counseling Services, Individual Counseling Practitioner

Nancy Belknap is a certified counselor specializing in the fields of substance abuse, trauma processing, life transitions, family work, and relationship issues. Her practice, Clinical Counseling Services, is primarily a client-centered therapeutic environment based in Southern California.

Zachariah Reitano
Roman Health, Telemedicine

For Zachariah Reitano, founding a telemedicine business that originally specialized in erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment wasn’t just a great entrepreneurial opportunity — it had personal significance. At 17, Reitano was experiencing ED but had a difficult time talking about it to anyone. It’s a good thing he finally did.

Shane Leonard
Into Action Recovery Centers, Addiction Treatment

Shane Leonard co-founded Into Action Recovery Centers (IARC) in 2010 with a sincere desire to assist others in recovering from addiction. His goals for IARC are to provide a local resource for quality treatment at an affordable cost in an environment that is most conducive to positive outcomes. To help with that, he turned to LegitScript.