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CBD State Regulations Table

Excerpt from LegitScript's CBD Compliance Resource Guide

This table is an excerpt from our 43-page CBD Compliance Resource Guide. It is meant to outline state-specific details and regulations pertaining to the manufacturing, processing, and sale of federally compliant topical CBD products. While some states currently allow certain types of CBD products that are not permissible at the national level, such as ingestible products, the details of this guide focus on state CBD regulations that are consistent with current federal guidances and in line with the products and websites that are in scope for our CBD website and CBD product certification program.

Download this guide now to see state-specific information on:

  • Grower licenses
  • Processor or manufacturer licenses
  • Handler licenses
  • Retail licenses
  • Product license or registration
  • Regulatory resources by state

Want the Full CBD Resource Guide?

Learn more about CBD compliance in the US by downloading  our full 43-page CBD Compliance Resource Guide. It gives comprehensive overview of the intricate legal framework surrounding topical CBD products. Our guide not only helps ensure that businesses meet the necessary standards but thrive in an industry driven by compliance.

Topics include:

  • A detailed overview of federal regulations surrounding CBD
  • Permissible versus impermissible product types, with examples
  • Greater detail of CBD state regulations and licensing requirements
  • Information on how to get your compliant CBD products certified