The Criminals of COVID-19

How Illicit Activity Online is Worsening the Pandemic

Bogus Cures, Dangerous Drugs, Donation Scams,
Transaction Laundering, and More

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The illicit activity related to COVID-19 is further exacerbating the pandemic. Some consumers are being duped into purchasing equipment that is ineffective at preventing the disease; others are being tricked into believing they are immune or cured. These criminals are enabling the spread of a disease that has already killed tens of thousands worldwide. For that reason, stopping these fraudsters has become LegitScript’s most urgent priority.

This special report highlights the most critical illicit activity we are working to track, including:

  • High-risk domain name registrations
  • Problematic diagnostics and supplies
  • Bogus cures and treatments
  • Rogue internet pharmacy opportunism
  • Donation scams and nondelivery schemes

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