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LegitScript Healthcare Certification and Electronic Merchant Systems

Merchants can demonstrate their compliance and unlock opportunities to accept digital payments and advertise online.

What It Is

LegitScript’s healthcare certification program is recognized by Visa and Mastercard for processing payments for prescription drugs. Platforms such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft also recognize LegitScript certification to help vet advertisers in the healthcare industry, including pharmacies, telemedicine providers, and pharmaceutical supply chain businesses. Electronic Merchant Systems’s merchants can learn more and begin the application process here.

How It Works
  1. Create an account. Go to to create an account and enter your contact information. Once you've set up an account, you'll be ready to proceed.
  2. Start a new certification and pay the application fee. Before completing the questionnaire, you'll pay the one-time application fee. See pricing. (You will not need to pay the annual subscription fee until after you have been certified.)
  3. Complete the questionnaire. You can save your progress and return to the questionnaire at your convenience.
  4. Clarify and remediate. As our analysts review your application, they may reach out to you with questions or requests for additional information. They may also highlight areas of minor noncompliance that you'll need to remediate before receiving certification. By responding quickly to these requests, you can help streamline the review process.
  5. Pay your subscription fee. Once your application has been approved, you'll pay the annual subscription fee to finalize the process and be fully certified.
Additional Information
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Who We Are

Since 2007, LegitScript has been committed to making the internet and payment ecosystems safer and more transparent. LegitScript Certification lets the world know which healthcare merchants, CBD products and websites, and drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities operate safely and transparently. The result? Certified merchants can stand out from the crowd, grow their online presence, and demonstrate credibility in high-risk industries. LegitScript is the leading third-party certification expert in these tightly regulated and complex sectors. That’s why LegitScript Certification is trusted by Visa, Google, Microsoft Bing, Meta, LinkedIn, and major global payment service providers. Learn more about our Healthcare Certification program.