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Bad actors rarely act in isolation, so we work to expose criminal networks around the world. Using a combination of advanced algorithms, data sets, and human analysis, we help you fight back against counterfeits, unauthorized sales, and other scams that exploit your brand.
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Fighting Back on IP Infringement

For one Fortune 500 company, LegitScript found that a single individual was operating over 400 infringing domain names, leading to a Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy filing referred to in some articles as the “largest in history.” The domain names were successfully transferred to the company, and the infringing content was removed.

Risk Management Resources
  • Sample Investigative Report: See what to expect in a LegitScript Investigative Report.

  • The Fundamentals of Whois: Learn about what a Whois record is and why it is important.

  • The Cybercrime Toolbox: See how cybercriminals evade detection and process payments illicitly.

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  • How Fraudsters Target Military Veterans

    Veterans Day is a popular time for businesses to advertise to the military, including merchants offering predatory services. For this reason, it’s important for payment service providers to scrutinize merchants offering help with official services to ensure they aren’t taking advantage of customers. For example, some merchants offer to help retired military members process form…

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  • Signs Your "Morkey Mouse" Costume May Not Be Genuine

    Earlier this month we wrote about how decorative contact lenses are regulated by the FDA and can pose real risks if used improperly. But they aren’t the only threat to merchant portfolios and e-commerce platforms during the fall season. Halloween costumes themselves can present an additional potential danger: intellectual property infringement.  IP-infringing merchants often seek…

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    on October 22, 2021

    Intellectual Property

  • Laws Around Decorative Contact Lenses Can Be Eye-opening

    In early fall, it’s prime season for merchants selling Halloween costumes, theatrical makeup, and, increasingly, decorative contact lenses. Since these contact lenses typically have no vision-correction purposes, consumers and payment facilitators alike may not realize they are products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that pose real risks if used improperly.  Also called…

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