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Using a combination of advanced algorithms and human analysis, we help to identify and flag problematic content that harms the customer experience and puts you at risk of regulatory scrutiny and reputational harm.
The LegitScript Experience

We track more than 1.3 million advertising and e-commerce listings per day, monitoring virtually every type of content, from the sale of physical products to user-posted hate speech. If your platform supports any type of user-generated content, ads, or e-commerce listings, our monitoring services can help you reduce risk and foster a productive, transparent online environment.

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The High Cost of Reputational Damage

Advertising revenue, marketplace listings, and user-generated content are essential to the success of your platform, but when your customers' behavior crosses the line into dangerous, hostile, or illegal activity, you can pay a big price. Learn about the major risks and how LegitScript can help protect your business and your brand.

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Case Study:
Google and Bing

Seeking help to clean up its ad space and reduce regulatory risk, Google turned to LegitScript. The result: a sustained 99.8% decrease in the incidence of rogue internet pharmacy advertisers. Since then, several of the world's largest internet platforms, including Google, Bing, and Amazon, have turned to LegitScript's multilingual team of experts to monitor their merchants and advertisers in more than 20 countries, including the US, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Israel, several EU nations, and more.

Risk Management Resources
  • Dietary Supplements FAQ: Learn about dietary supplements and the claims that can violate policies.

  • Drop-Shipping FAQ: Learn about drop-shipping merchants and why they are considered high-risk.

  • BRAM & GBPP Basics: Understand Mastercard and Visa rules that protect card brands and consumers.

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