Merchant Monitoring

Confidently assess merchant risk so you can take action before it results in fines, damages your reputation, or threatens public safety.

Transaction laundering. Online gambling. Hate groups. Illegal drug sales. There’s no limit to what unethical merchants will try to get away with — and no end to their criminal creativity. Algorithm-only solutions simply can’t keep up.

That’s why acquirers, payment service providers, and ISOs turn to LegitScript. We combine big data with a team of human experts to shine a bright light on merchant activity, so you can confidently assess merchant risk and take action before it results in fines.
LegitScript helps you onboard and monitor merchants for compliance with the operating regulations of Visa, Mastercard, and other major payment networks. We provide content and transaction laundering monitoring for all merchant types, even those in high-risk sectors. LegitScript is recognized by both Visa and Mastercard for pharmacy certification and monitoring and is a recognized Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP).

Why Choose LegitScript

Reduce Risk

Stay ahead of problematic merchants across different payment mechanisms — whether they are in low-risk or regulated, high-risk sectors. LegitScript’s global coverage can help you with:

  • Content violation monitoring (BRAM, GBPP)
  • Transaction laundering detection
  • High-risk merchant certification
  • Regulatory research and analysis
Get Human Insight

Don’t just rely on automated processes where mistakes can creep in. LegitScript combines robust algorithms with a team of human experts to give you precise and in-depth merchant analysis, categorization, and explanation that you can confidently stand behind.

We Take Accuracy Seriously

Fines are expensive to your business. At LegitScript we take pride in providing you with accurate information every time, in a format you can understand. With LegitScript you get access to the most accurate, extensive data set in the payments industry of legitimate and illicit merchant websites and associated data.

See the Bigger Picture

Don’t just look at data points in isolation. At LegitScript, we help you understand the larger associated network. Our multidimensional view across the entire compliance ecosystem provides unique insights from all industries and angles so you can stay at the forefront of emerging trends and prevent the growth of problematic merchants within your portfolio.

Work With a Trusted Partner

LegitScript is used, recognized, or recommended by Visa, Mastercard, and other major payment networks. We are a recognized Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP) in the Mastercard Business Risk and Assessment Mitigation Program. Our work is trusted by regulatory authorities, as well as industry-leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others around the world.

“Visa Inc. encourages acquirers to utilize LegitScript monitoring and analysis to ensure that Internet pharmacy and nutraceutical merchants are compliant with Visa International Operating Regulations with regard to Internet pharmacy-related requirements and applicable laws and regulations.”

Visa, Inc., Online Pharmacy Guide for Acquirers, June 2017.


Why partner with LegitScript to monitor your portfolio?

Electronic Commerce Senior Risk Analyst Mykal Thompson monitors and reviews merchant processing activity daily to identify abnormalities and to protect both consumers and Electronic Commerce from potential losses. He explains why Electronic Commerce switched to LegitScript to better mitigate its risk and protect consumers.

How It Works

With LegitScript’s merchant monitoring program, you can:
  • Upload merchants for review and ongoing monitoring. We'll tell you if they’re illegal, high risk, a violation of card brand rules, a violation of your terms and conditions, or none of the above.
  • Make sure merchants aren't engaged in transaction laundering.
  • Onboard pharmacy and telemedicine merchants with confidence, knowing they are in compliance with card brand requirements.
  • Submit merchants for ongoing monitoring.
  • Access our list of legitimate and illicit online pharmacies.
  • Access our list of bad and risky supplements and nutraceuticals.
  • Ask us questions
What does LegitScript monitor?

LegitScript provides content and transaction laundering monitoring for all merchant types, including:

  • Adult
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Age-Restricted
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Designer Drugs
  • Financial
  • Fraud and Scams
  • Gambling and Binary Options
  • Hate/Harm
  • Intellectual Property
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Supplements
  • Unauthorized Aggregation
  • Weapons
  • And much more

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