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Payment Services Solutions

Merchant Onboarding

Get fully integrated KYB checks paired with LegitScript’s unique merchant risk assessments.

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Onboard Merchants Quickly and Confidently With LegitScript



RiskCheck provides a real-time assessment of merchant risk that includes a risk level, a reason that describes the risk, and a confidence score for the assessment.


KYB Checks

Know Your Business checks offer important insights on data points such as business information, watchlist, adverse media, email address, phone number, and more.

How LegitScript Merchant Onboarding Works

Once you submit the merchant data through the API, we check the data points provided against OneView, LegitScript’s proprietary AI-powered data intelligence platform, including our third-party integrated KYB data. You can access the results in minutes.


How Does Merchant Onboarding Help Your Team?

  • Identify risk at the onset to make informed onboarding decisions.
  • Gain valuable insight to the reasoning behind each risk assessment.
  • Build a risk profile that sets the foundation for ongoing customer due diligence.
  • Better scrutinize merchants with connections to violative activity that can increase card brand fine exposure.
  • Avoid onboarding a merchant connected to fraud or transaction laundering.
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What Makes Our Onboarding so Powerful?

Merchant Risk Profile
Get comprehensive KYB checks paired with a unique merchant risk assessment that allows you to build a risk profile based on risk level, reason, and confidence score.

Fast Response Times
Get a response in under 60 seconds, helping you promptly identify and address potential risks. This allows for efficient decision making and improved fraud prevention.

Bidirectional Data Exchange
Webhook support offers the advantage of real-time communication, allowing prompt notifications on potential risks. 

We're Putting Our Data to Work for You

LegitScript's monitoring solutions are fueled by OneView, our AI-powered Market and Merchant Intelligence Platform. OneView ingests millions of data points daily, which are analyzed through our proprietary machine learning to yield relevant and targeted insights for our analysts and customers.


Reach Your Growth Goals While Staying Compliant

Find out how LegitScript's advanced technology, robust data sets, and human expertise make us the leader in merchant risk mitigation.