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LegitScript Onboarding Suite

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of advertiser, seller, and merchant onboarding decisions.

Onboarding Suite

Onboard new advertisers, sellers, products, and merchants more efficiently and confidently.

Fueled by OneView, LegitScript’s AI-powered market and merchant intelligence platform, the LegitScript Onboarding Suite stops problematic content, merchants, advertisements, and product listings before they enter your ecosystem.

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LegitScript Onboarding Suite

The suite of solutions consists of four products designed to solve unique business challenges:



Get a real-time assessment of merchant risk and product risk.

Leveraging new AI-powered capabilities and LegitScript’s proprietary analysis data comprising millions of merchants and billions of data points, RiskCheck is an API-native solution designed to provide a real-time check of merchant and product risk across all industry sectors and geographies.



Vet and monitor merchants in specific high- risk industries.

LegitScript has created standardized, industry-recognized certification programs to vet and monitor merchants who are operating in specific complex industries. These certification programs are now available to incorporate as a part of any merchant onboarding process at no cost.



Vet potential advertisers, sellers, merchants and content creators to meet onboarding standards.

Tapping into LegitScript’s proprietary technology, data, and people-powered analysis capabilities, Verification is a tailored solution for vetting and screening potential advertisers, sellers, merchants, content creators, and more in specific industries to ensure they meet your onboarding standards.



Streamline and automate the complex process of vetting merchants across different data sources.

Powered by new partnerships and product integrations with leading payments underwriting and merchant management solutions, Agreement Express and Infinicept, we are providing access to comprehensive solutions that will help you assess merchant risk before it enters your ecosystem.

The LegitScript Experience

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with LegitScript


Fast and Useful Risk Assessments

No more cumbersome or vague risk alerts. LegitScript's onboarding and monitoring solutions combine advanced technology, proprietary data, and human expertise to deliver real-time risk assessments you can trust. You get clear, concise notifications that help you make merchant and product risk decisions quickly.


Grow Your Business With Confidence

LegitScript monitors merchants and products in attractive high-growth areas such as healthcare, financial services, intellectual property, and more, so you can grow your business with confidence. Our global reach and international regulatory expertise helps you and your merchants explore attractive new jurisdictions.


Use the Team That Other Teams Trust

LegitScript works as an extension of the risk and compliance teams for some of the largest payments companies and e-commerce marketplaces in the world. Our monitoring and regulatory expertise helps you improve internal processes, refine policies, and free up employee time so you can focus on providing your merchants the best possible experience.

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