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How To Get Your LegitScript CBD Certification

How to get your CBD certification.

LegitScript’s CBD Certification assures consumers that your products are safe to consume, labeled transparently, and compliant with local and federal laws. To help prepare you for our certification application process we’ve compiled these step-by-step instructions.

LegitScript CBD Certification Lets the World Know You Operate Safely and Legally

The CBD landscape is competitive. Are you looking for a way to drive more business for the compliant CBD products that you manufacture or sell? We encourage both manufacturers and retailers of federally compliant products to get certified with LegitScript as a way to build consumer trust and grow your business.

Our certification is trusted by major search engines, e-commerce platforms, credit card companies, and regulatory authorities to ensure the safety and efficacy of CBD products. In fact, both Google and Meta recognize LegitScript certification for advertising on their platforms.

Download our CBD Certification fact sheet for more information.

Ready, Set, Grow: Preparing To Apply for LegitScript CBD Certification

It’s important to understand how certification is awarded and what questions will be asked of applicants. Certification is available on both a per-product and per-website basis. We’ve compiled two questionnaires to simplify the process and demonstrate what documentation will be requested of you.

To ensure your application process goes smoothly, download our product questionnaire to certify a CBD product, or download our website questionnaire to certify a website containing CBD products.

Finally, before you apply, make sure to review the pricing structure for LegitScript CBD Certification as listed below.

Certification Pricing

CBD Products

Number of CBD Products Application Fee Per Product** Annual Monitoring Fee Per Product***
1 to 5 $650 USD $1,000 USD
6 to 50 $600 USD $925 USD
51 to 99 $550 USD $850 USD
100 or more $500 USD $750 USD

CBD Websites

CBD Websites One-Time Application Fee Per Website** Annual Fee Per Website***
Website $800 USD $1,600 USD
Probationary Website**** $800 USD $2,250 USD

** The application fee is nonrefundable.
*** Annual monitoring fees will be applicable upon certification.
**** The purpose of probationary status is to provide a path forward for merchants and other CBD entities with a past history of significant compliance issues. Probationary certification will be granted in cases where LegitScript determines, through the application review, that a merchant is now in compliance with LegitScript Certification standards.

Steps to Apply for Your LegitScript CBD Certification

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to apply — with tips, resources, and more.

1. Create an account.

Create an account and enter your contact information. Once you've set up an account you’re ready to proceed.

2. Start a new certification and pay for your application review.

Before completing the questionnaire, you'll pay a fee for the application review. You will not need to pay the annual subscription fee until after you have been certified. See pricing.

 TIP: Please ensure you carefully review the different pricing tiers for CBD products. Current applicants can get their application fees waived (for both product and website certifications) when you apply.

CBD Product Certification: CBDPRODapp
CBD Website Certification: CBDWebapp

NOTE: Submitting products in bulk results in a larger discount.

3. Complete the questionnaire.

You can save your progress and return to the questionnaire at your convenience. Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, you will be directed to submit product samples to LegitScript's partner labs for testing.

TIP: Contact Client Relations at [email protected] for assistance with completing and/or submitting your application.

4. Clarify and remediate.

As our analysts review your application, they may reach out to you with questions or requests for additional information. They may also highlight areas of minor noncompliance that you'll need to remediate before receiving certification. By responding quickly to these requests, you can help streamline the review process.

TIP: Review time is based on the product’s contents, and the level of analysis required to assess said contents. Several variables can delay or extend the length of your review such as complexity, transparency, and applicant responsiveness. A careful review of our product and website application checklists and CBD Certification Standards will prepare you for a smooth review.

5. Pay your subscription fee.

Once your application has been approved, you'll need to pay the annual subscription fee to finalize the process and be fully certified.

After Submitting Your LegitScript CBD Certification Application

Are you wondering what happens to your application once it’s submitted? First, it is screened for completeness by an internal team. Once the screening process is complete, your application is submitted to the analyst team to review your business operations and licensure and ensure all hemp-derived products are transparently labeled. Additionally, we confirm you’re compliant with all local and national laws and our Terms & Conditions.

Is LegitScript’s CBD Certification Right For You?

Are you a CBD manufacturer or retailer looking to advertise your compliant products online? LegitScript is the industry leader in advertiser certification and monitoring. We are trusted by major search engines, e-commerce platforms, and regulatory authorities.

Click the button below to contact us with additional questions you may have about obtaining your CBD Certification.

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