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Transaction Laundering: Typologies and Methodologies

This course is approved for one hour of ETA Certified Payment Professional Continuing Education credit.

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As e-commerce grows, credit card transactions have increasingly become a conduit for transaction laundering. This session will offer the latest research on transaction laundering typologies, including the ways in which launderers hedge their risk and alter strategies over time.

Our transaction laundering experts will teach you the advantages and limitations of detection methods, such as business model risk analysis and internet infrastructure mapping.

Topics will include:

  • Face value website analysis
  • High-risk business models
  • Network-mapping analysis
  • Content area patterns
  • Real case studies
  • And more!

This is course #3 of LegitScript's Merchant Risk Masters Series. Participants can register for individual courses or sign-up for the entire series to earn a Merchant Risk Master Certificate. Click here to learn more about the overall Merchant Risk Masters Series.

Session Speakers

Lilly 12.1
Lilly Richardson
Merchant Monitoring Program Manager
Jenny S2
Jenny Mosbacher
Merchant Investigations Program Manager