Registrars and Registries

Keep dangerous, unsafe online pharmacies off your registration platform.

We partner with registrars and other service providers around the world to keep consumers safe from illicit website operators.

Peddling fake medicines. Offering prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Selling drugs without a pharmacy license. All of these put people at risk for the sake of personal profit. It can lead to injury, overdose, and death. Restricting these websites is not a violation of free speech. In fact, failing to take action against such customers can carry legal liability and risk for registrars and internet service providers.

How LegitScript Can Help

LegitScript helps you ensure that registrants stay in compliance with your terms and conditions by monitoring and identifying those engaged in illegal or harmful activities. We help you keep bad registrants out, and support you in resolving abuse complaints fairly and accurately.
LegitScript periodically provides anti-abuse services to registrars on a complimentary basis, in the interest of public health. Expanded monitoring services are available for a fee. Contact us to learn more.
The LegitScript Resource Center contains a number of helpful resources for registrars and registries, including:

Internet Pharmacy Guide: Policy Manual

A complimentary guide for domain name registrars, registries, and hosting providers interested in implementing voluntary policies to prohibit rogue internet pharmacies from using their services.

Cheat Sheet for Registrars and Registries

A handy one-page summary evaluating internet pharmacy complaints for registrars and registries, intended to be used in conjunction with the Policy Manual.

Internet Pharmacy Guide: Internet Pharmacy Shipping Regulations

A country-by-country breakdown of laws that internet pharmacies have to follow when shipping to or within certain countries.

Global Shipping Regulations