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Knowledge Partner Webinar Series – Technology

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Will be available on-demand for registrants that can't attend live.
This course is ineligible for ETA CPP continuing education credit.

Do you ever feel like your risk team is spending hours filtering through data from your merchant monitoring service provider that is irrelevant and loaded with false positives? And how, even after all of that time, the truly problematic merchants that are engaged in activities like transaction laundering are still getting missed? If you're not 100% happy about the results from your merchant monitoring service provider, you are not alone.

In this bonus course, you'll earn how an expert merchant monitoring solution doesn't replace risk and compliance teams, but rather partners with them to help companies avoid expensive BRAM and GBPP fines while allowing risk teams to focus on enforcement and other priorities.

This is course #5 of LegitScript's Knowledge Partner Series. Follow the link to learn more and sign up for all five sessions in the series.