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LegitScript's List of Legitimate Online Pharmacies

LegitScript has verified 218 online pharmacies as safe for US patients. Our certification program is free and is endorsed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). You can find the complete list of LegitScript approved online pharmacies below.

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Name Approved since
link 1800petmeds.com 02/16/2010
link acmemarkets.com 05/10/2013
link albertsons.com 06/16/2011
link albertydrugstore.com 11/25/2008
link allcarepharmacy.com 07/05/2013
link allivet.com 06/14/2011
link amberpharmacy.com 04/12/2008
link andersonrx.com 06/25/2008
link avella.com 06/10/2008
link bainbridgepharmacy.com 11/25/2008
link bakersplus.com 05/17/2013
link ballwegfamilypharmacy.com 06/25/2008
link barneysrx.com 06/25/2008
link beauchamppharmacy.com 06/14/2008
link bejaydrugs.com 11/25/2008
link belleviewcommunitypharmacy.com 11/25/2008
link bi-lo.com 10/14/2008
link bimart.com 10/13/2008
link bioplusrx.com 06/13/2011
link bioscrip.com 06/18/2008
link briovarx.com 04/29/2013
link calabasaspharmacy.com 12/09/2008
link caremark.com 05/05/2008
link carrsqc.com 10/10/2008
link cgha.com 10/16/2008

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