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Navigating Compliance: LegitScript’s Insights from NOCO

Northern Colorado Hemp Exposition (NOCO)

Join LegitScript on a journey to the 10th annual Northern Colorado Hemp Exposition (NOCO), where we immersed ourselves in the heart of the CBD industry. LegitScript shared critical compliance knowledge, exchanged insights with industry peers, and absorbed vital regulatory updates from the FDA and USDA. Discover how NOCO brought key players from around the world together to fortify their commitment to excellence and shape CBD industry standards. Then download LegitScript’s CBD Compliance Resource Guide to further your understanding of this dynamic industry.

Policy, Regulations, and Research

Attendees settled into their seats on a sunny April morning in Estes Park, Colorado, for the Policy, Rules, and Regulations session at the Northern Colorado Hemp Exposition (NOCO). Anticipation filled the room. The stage was set for a deep dive into the intricate web of laws governing the hemp and CBD industry with esteemed speakers ready to share their expertise.

Among them were prominent figures such as Patrick Cournoyer with the FDA, Herrick Fox with the USDA, and Jonathan Miller with the U.S. Hemp Roundtable — each bringing a wealth of regulatory knowledge.

Throughout the session, various speakers dissected pivotal industry topics ranging from regulatory and fraud risks, agriculture and manufacturing, labeling and claims, the status of CBD as an ingredient in food and supplements, and CBD Certification. As discussions unfolded, it became evident that certain regulations, such as CBD within consumable products, product testing protocols, and marketing restrictions, stood at the forefront. With attendees hanging on every word, the event promised to be a crucial forum for navigating the complexities of CBD regulation and charting a course for compliant and responsible industry practices.

Fireside Chat With The FDA

The Fireside Chat with the FDA was a particularly popular session at NOCO. It largely focused on the FDA’s work toward investigating a possible regulatory framework for CBD as an ingredient in food and supplements.

Discussions delved into the complexities surrounding CBD's use in edible forms, addressing pivotal safety concerns that demand careful consideration. The FDA had recently concluded the “existing regulatory frameworks for foods and supplements are not appropriate for cannabidiol.”

Patrick Cournoyer, a representative of the FDA at NOCO, spoke to the need of a new regulatory pathway that considers both the public’s desire for access to these types of products and what amount of regulatory oversight is needed to help manage risk.

Throughout the Q&A portion of the session, attendees asked questions pertaining to the timeline of this new regulatory framework. Some asked who the final decision maker would be, and inquired about potential safety concerns related to the use of CBD in food and supplements.

These concerns included the potential for liver damage, interactions between different medications, and potential harm to the male reproductive system. The fireside chat illuminated the need for a holistic approach, ensuring if CBD finds its place in our daily consumption it does so responsibly and reliably.

The session concluded with the FDA stating they're prepared to work with Congress on a path forward — and clarifying Congress will ultimately make the decision.

NOCO Networking Opportunities

LegitScript observed consultants working with GMP certifications and claims, laboratories performing testing, manufacturers and retailers of CBD and hemp products, several regulatory agencies, payment processors, and businesses working within hemp agriculture.

LegitScript’s attendance at NOCO also unveiled countless networking opportunities for individuals and businesses operating in various spaces within the CBD industry. Against the backdrop of informative sessions and engaging workshops, the networking opportunities proved to be a cornerstone of the event's success. From casual conversations over coffee to structured meet-and-greets with industry leaders, attendees seized every chance to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and explore potential synergies.

The diversity of perspectives and expertise sparked lively discussions, ignited innovative thinking, and fueled a collective drive toward progress and prosperity. As connections were made over the course of several days, it became clear that the true value was the knowledge shared, and the relationships fostered.

LegitScript CBD Certification Made A Splash At NOCO

NOCO expertly demonstrated how essential it is for businesses operating within the CBD industry today to stay informed about the laws impacting them to ensure they remain compliant. Naomi Moono, manager of LegitScript’s CBD Certification program, spoke about how LegitScript certification helps businesses operate transparently in a dynamic, ever-evolving regulatory environment.

We support businesses in maintaining continued compliance through active monitoring — and unlock advertising on Google and select Meta platforms. Continued compliance with all regulatory requirements ensures CBD businesses build trust with consumers, establish credibility, and maintain long-term success in the market.

Create an account to start the application process today.

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