Addiction Treatment Certification

Build Trust With Prospective Patients

Certification is more than just a requirement for advertising on major online platforms — it also communicates value and legitimacy to families and patients.

Being LegitScript-certified builds trust with your prospective patients by letting them know you operate safely and transparently.

Connect With the People Who Need Your Help

As an addiction treatment provider, you know better than most how critical it is for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to receive the medically informed, reliable treatment they need.

Unfortunately, many don’t. Unethical businesses posing as legitimate providers are all too happy to exploit or defraud patients, leaving a trail of heavy hearts and empty wallets.

That’s why Google, Microsoft, and Facebook require LegitScript certification to advertise on their platforms. As the only certification and monitoring service recognized by these platforms for US drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers, we’re proud to help legitimate providers like you build your reputation on a foundation of ethical practices and transparency.

Any treatment center that is interested in aiding in the protection of clients and their families from nefarious operators in our space should participate in the LegitScript Certification process. The process is not overly cumbersome, especially for already accredited facilities. [It’s] another way to legitimize your treatment center in order to help those who may need your services.

Shane Leonard, co-founder of Into Action Recovery Centers (IARC)

Commit to Transparency
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As the leading third-party certification expert in complex healthcare sectors, we’ve earned the trust of regulatory authorities and major advertising and e-commerce platforms worldwide.

We bring that level of expertise to our partnership with you, with news and resources about the addiction treatment industry so you can stay up to date with current trends.

Need help with online advertising? We frequently partner with marketing experts who provide tips and best practices to help businesses like yours succeed.

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