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CBD Certification


LegitScript’s CBD Certification ensures that both merchants and manufacturers of CBD products and their websites are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the United States.

Why LegitScript CBD Certification?

LegitScript’s certification program is recognized by Google and Meta to vet advertisers for eligible CBD products and websites. CBD manufacturers and retailers with LegitScript-certified websites can stand out in an increasingly crowded field by advertising on Google and select Meta platforms.

Per Google’s CBD policy and Meta's CBD policy, both a website and all CBD products being offered on it must be certified by LegitScript to be able to advertise these products on these platforms.

CBD Products

Number of CBD Products Application Fee Per Product** Annual Monitoring Fee Per Product***
1 to 5 $650 USD $1,000 USD
6 to 50 $600 USD $925 USD
51 to 99 $550 USD $850 USD
100 or more $500 USD $750 USD

CBD Websites

CBD Websites One-Time Application Fee Per Website** Annual Fee Per Website***
Website $800 USD $1,600 USD
Probationary Website**** $800 USD $2,250 USD

** The application fee is nonrefundable.
*** Annual monitoring fees will be applicable upon certification.
**** The purpose of probationary status is to provide a path forward for merchants and other CBD entities with a past history of significant compliance issues. Probationary certification will be granted in cases where LegitScript determines, through the application review, that a merchant is now in compliance with LegitScript Certification standards.