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Why Virtual Healthcare Service Provider WellSync Requires Its Network to Be LegitScript-certified

WellSync is a white-labeled virtual care solution partnered with clinical provider networks, pharmacies, labs, discount cards, remote patient monitoring, and PBMs. Its all-inclusive solution covers implementation, patient support, tech support, clinical assistance, call center services, merchant processing, medications, and all clinical services. WellSync’s multifaceted network of LegitScript-certified healthcare providers combined with state-of-the-art technology provides clients a seamless experience — improving access to treatment while enhancing profitability.

The CEO of WellSync, Clint House, has consulted for industry-leading technology firms, global manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, and top healthcare corporations for decades. He knows the complexities of this space and the importance of compliance.

For any business aiming to establish itself as a reputable digital care provider, obtaining LegitScript Certification is not just an industry standard but an essential requirement.

Clint House, WellSync CEO

In the following Q&A, Clint shares why LegitScript certification is an essential component of WellSync’s business model.

What Prompted WellSync to Incorporate LegitScript Certification Into its Process?

WellSync empowers clients, whether established in the virtual care industry or new to the telehealth and pharmacy digital landscape, with the opportunity to capitalize on their online presence by seamlessly integrating our virtual care tech stack. Many of these clients have not previously ventured into telehealth or pharmacy services, so we streamline the application process to obtain a LegitScript certification. This certification has now become a standard part of our onboarding process for all new client implementations. Additionally, our extensive network of healthcare providers is required to obtain LegitScript certification as part of our integration process, ensuring compliance and quality assurance for our clients accessing our network of healthcare partners.

How Has LegitScript Helped WellSync’s Clients With Payment

LegitScript certification enabled us to forge strong alliances with all major payment processing and billing services. This collaboration grants our clients the flexibility to select from our curated list of preferred vendors. Our enterprise clients rely on this partnership to expedite the setup process for processing payments for their virtual care programs.

How Was the Certification Process for You?

The certification process was facilitated by our strategic partnerships with LegitScript-certified healthcare providers, including pharmacies, clinical networks, discount card providers, and labs. The seamless nature of the process was attributed to the invaluable assistance provided by LegitScript's certification team — guiding us every step of the way and ensuring we had all the necessary information to complete the process efficiently. Presently, our team of dedicated LegitScript account managers collaborates diligently with our partners, assisting them in obtaining their certifications and fostering strong relationships for ongoing success.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, TikTok, and Netflix Recognize LegitScript Certification for Advertising. Has LegitScript Helped With Your Clients’ Marketing Initiatives?

Obtaining LegitScript Certification and establishing a partnership has been integral to our platform, enabling our clients to effectively advertise across all social media and advertising platforms. Leveraging our clients' existing marketing channels and outlets is vital to driving conversions through our patient acquisition and retention strategies — making LegitScript Certification a crucial component for our client's success. Integrating LegitScript into our onboarding process ensures a cohesive and impactful approach to achieving our client's marketing goals.

Do You Have Advice for Other Businesses Operating in Telehealth Who Are Considering LegitScript Certification?

For any business aiming to establish itself as a reputable digital care provider, obtaining LegitScript Certification is not just an industry standard but an essential requirement. I strongly recommend aligning with a virtual care platform like WellSync, which sets the benchmark for partnering with LegitScript-certified healthcare providers. These providers undergo thorough vetting and adhere to the requirements set by major platforms and payment processors.

Learn more about WellSync by going to or emailing [email protected]

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