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Understand which online merchants threaten your customers or brand with ongoing monitoring or best-in-class intelligence analyses.

There are over 40,000 active rogue online pharmacies at any one time. They pose a threat to patients and businesses alike.

If you need insightful data to prevent brand abuse by rogue online pharmacies, we can help. Our proprietary algorithm determines which rogue online pharmacies are the biggest threat to your brand.

Expert support for your brand protection efforts

Our threat assessments provide lists of your biggest brand name abusers:

  • Threat assessments based on our proprietary algorithm show you which rogue pharmacies are the top threats to your brand.
  • Grouping of high-value targets by affiliate network or other grouping, so you know who is behind the networks.
  • Expert advice on the legalities and methods for shutting down rogue pharmacies based on Internet compliance rules.

Note: We independently notify Internet Service Providers and Registrars about rogue Internet pharmacies solely on the basis of public health, not intellectual property rights, and not as a paid service on behalf of any third-party.

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