CBD Certification

Show the highest level of credibility when it comes to CBD product standards and business operations.
LegitScript study uncovers alarming challenges for the CBD industry

Interest in CBD is booming. Yet many consumers don’t know what is in the products they are buying or which merchants they can trust. Few standards exist to help legitimate merchants stand out from the crowd — particularly in a marketplace that can feel like the Wild West.

LegitScript is the leading third-party certification expert in complex healthcare sectors. With LegitScript CBD Certification, manufacturers and merchants of legally compliant CBD products can show the highest level of credibility when it comes to product standards and business operations.
What CBD Certification Applies To:
  • CBD Products: Compliant products containing CBD derived from legally cultivated hemp. Examples of compliant products include cosmetics, soaps, and other products that are in compliance with USDA, FDA, FTC, and DEA regulations, as well as state-specific laws.
  • CBD Websites: Any website selling only LegitScript-certified CBD products.

This program is currently only open to manufacturers and merchants of legally compliant CBD products in the United States.

Why Choose LegitScript

LegitScript Certification helps CBD product manufacturers and website merchants stand out from the crowd and show the highest level of credibility.
Prove Your Product Quality

Any market in an evolving regulatory space opens the door for bad actors — including illicit manufacturers of substandard or tainted products. With LegitScript Certification, consumers know that the CBD products they are buying have been third-party tested, are free of illegal cannabinoids, abide by FDA regulations, and are legally compliant in the jurisdictions they serve.

Stand Out From the Crowd

In a burgeoning Wild West market of CBD products, LegitScript’s CBD Certification helps set your business apart from the competition. Being LegitScript-certified allows you to build trust with consumers and business partners by letting them know you operate safely and legally, and that you manufacture or sell products that meet FDA guidelines.

Gain Approval From a Trusted Third Party

As the leading third-party certification expert in complex healthcare sectors, LegitScript has earned the trust of regulatory authorities, credit card companies, major search engines, and e-commerce platforms around the world, including Visa, Google, Bing, Facebook, and Amazon.

Certified Stamp
Charlotte’s Web, a leading manufacturer and seller of CBD products, has topical CBD products (Hemp Infused Balm and Hemp Infused Cream) certified by LegitScript.

How It Works

LegitScript’s CBD Certification is open to all manufacturers and merchants of legally compliant CBD products in the United States.
What else do you need to know?
  • You can apply for LegitScript Certification here.
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received.
  • Product applications are given priority over website applications since any website marketing CBD products must have all products certified at the manufacturer level before being eligible for website certification.
  • CBD products will be sent to an independent testing lab as part of the product application process.
  • Once you are certified, you can display the LegitScript Certification Seal (there are different seals for products and websites).
  • Your product or website will also be searchable on as certified.
  • You can’t just get certified and then drop out of the program: ongoing monitoring is required.

LegitScript also offers a service to help monitor the usage of your brand online. Based on predefined* branded search terms of your choosing, you’ll get regularly scheduled reports based on results from the internet’s top search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others. Our research analysts then review your report and include a summary so that you can easily understand your results and take appropriate action. For further information and pricing, contact us.

For more information, please refer to our CBD Product Certification Standards, CBD Website Certification Standards, and CBD Certification Terms and Conditions.


CBD Certification Webinar

Learn more details about LegitScript's certification program for CBD products and websites.

Certification Pricing

Pricing is on a per-product and per-website basis.

CBD Products
Number of CBD ProductsApplication Fee Per Product**Annual Monitoring Fee Per Product***
1 to 5$1,495 USD$3,495 USD

For pricing on more than five CBD products, see our fact sheet.

CBD Websites
CBD WebsitesOne-Time Application Fee Per Website**Annual Fee Per Website***
Website$1,495 USD$3,495 USD
Probationary Website****$1,495 USD$4,995 USD

* Includes three to five branded terms.

** The application fee is nonrefundable.

*** Annual monitoring fees will be applicable upon certification.

**** The purpose of probationary status is to provide a path forward for merchants and other CBD entities with a past history of significant compliance issues. Probationary certification will be granted in cases where LegitScript determines, through the application review, that a merchant is now in compliance with LegitScript certification standards.

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