Cybercrime Detection Squad

Fraud. Money laundering. Illicit product sales. How do you address the root problem rather than fighting criminals one at a time?

By discovering data points and scrutinizing important connections across the open-source internet, our cybercrime investigations team will piece together your target’s extended criminal network so you can confidently make a successful case to take down the entire enterprise.

Investigative Research That Cracks the Case

Clear. Concise. Concrete. That’s what you get with LegitScript investigative analyses.

We’ll map out your target’s network of websites, businesses, and associated individuals, all backed up by real data and extensive domain name system evidence. And we won’t just tell you what and who — but also where to find and recreate the evidence necessary to support your case.

The result? Actionable intelligence so you can take the next step with enforcement or litigation.

How Can We Help?
900 Cybercrime Investigations (and Counting)

LegitScript partners with regulators and law enforcement to protect consumers from potentially dangerous products that are sold online. Our analyses have assisted in more than 900 multinational criminal investigations, with intelligence leading to arrests, indictments, and convictions.

Curious what our research looks like?

In 2015, LegitScript alerted a domain name registrar about a website selling DNP, a dangerous chemical often marketed as a diet pill. A 21-year-old college student died from taking DNP purchased from the website, and LegitScript was able to offer relevant evidence in the case. The website operator was eventually convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison.

In 2012, LegitScript monitored the world’s largest network of rogue online pharmacies, operated by a crime boss named Paul Le Roux. Le Roux’s foray into the illicit sale of pharmaceuticals online was only the first endeavor in his criminal empire — which also included money laundering, black market gold sales, illicit drug trafficking, and suspected murder. After Le Roux was arrested, LegitScript provided congressional testimony regarding his online activities.

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