LegitScript Certification

Let the world know that you operate safely and legally with LegitScript Certification.

LegitScript Certification provides a recognized stamp of approval for healthcare merchants, supplement websites, addiction treatment providers, and CBD product manufacturers and merchants.

As the leading third-party certification expert in complex healthcare sectors, LegitScript has earned the trust of regulatory authorities, credit card companies, major search engines, and e-commerce platforms around the world, including Visa, Google, Bing, Facebook, and Amazon. Many of the world’s leading companies require or recognize LegitScript certification programs in the healthcare and addiction treatment spaces.
LegitScript currently offers Healthcare Merchant Certification (for pharmacies, telemedicine providers, and other healthcare merchants), Supplement Website Certification (for owners of supplement websites), Addiction Treatment Certification (for drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers), and CBD Certification (for legally compliant CBD products and websites).

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